Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are You A Colocoy? Part Two: What is this Site All About?

This site is for boys who want to become better men.  This is to put an end to sour graping and to pursue the things we love.  Colocoys are far too focused on things they don't want, yet neglect to pursue what they want.  They are not loveless.  But when fear takes over, honest men pay their superiors up to the last cent yet deny the passion in their hearts.  And passion is like wealth.  When hoarded, it loses value. 

This blog is a journey from being a colocoy to becoming an alpha.  Topics would revolve around relationships but from time to time I will also post book and film reviews, sport events and stats, maybe a little historical and political analysis if relevant to the spirit of this blog. 

Future Topics (not necessarily in this order):

My daily rituals

Can one become a positive thinker and a realist?

Book Reviews
Mastery by Leonard

Filipino men and foreign women relationships

Character discussions
Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) in "Game of Thrones"
John (Mickey Rourke) in "Nine 1/2 Weeks"

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